Yoga is an ancient discipline; it’s an invitation to be aware of your body, your mind and your spirit. It is the union of your being with innumerable benefits:

– Purifies the mind and brings it to the present moment.
– Frees you from stress and negative emotions.
– Removes tension from muscles and joints.
– Balances strength and flexibility.
– Oxigenates and massages internal organs.

Enjoy a yoga class from the comforts of your own vacational home and sincronize the movement of your breath with the magical surroundings of the Caribbean.

The class links several asanas or poses of Hatha yoga to create a specific pattern or an easy flow. Each lesson begins with a careful warming up of every part of the body then moves on to the asanas followed by relaxation. Instruction is available for students of all levels of experience. We also offer flexible timing to suit your schedule.

Whatever your level, through the practice of yoga, you will experience a harmonious physical, emotional and mental change.